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nov. 4 field days

Looking for a deep dive on carbon farming techniques? Then you'll definitely want to sign up for one of our Field Days.  Tickets include lunch and transportation from Pauma Tribal Farms to the Field Day location.  Space is limited and advanced tickets are required. 

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Take a deep dive into the production techniques at Solidarity Farm.  We'll look at the ups and downs of no-till fruit and vegetable cultivation, check out how meat chickens are integrated into the orchard, and learn how to implement conservation practices such as cover cropping, hedgerows, irrigation upgrades, high tunnels and windbreaks.  Co-hosted by University of California Cooperative Extension.

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Join Indigenous Regeneration, Inter-Tribal Agriculture Council, Indian Health Council (Traditional Practices for Wellness in Indian Country), Climate Science Alliance, and members of the Chia Cafe Collective to discuss strategies for protecting indigenous foodways in the face of climate change. Ticket includes lunch and shuttle to Mata'Yuum.

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How do cover cropping and compost application impact yields? What resources exist to implement carbon farming and other conservation practices on your farms? Learn from Greg Pennyroyal of Wilson Creek Winery and Lance Anderson of Mission Resource Conservation District about the role vineyards might play in building a more resilient agricultural economy.

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In the last 10 years, San Diego County has taken more than a million trees out of agricultural production...and yet, our state-mandated Climate Action Plan calls for tree planting as our primary mitigation strategy. Can we resolve this disconnect with a solution that compensates farmers for their environmental services of sequesting carbon? And, can carbon farming methods improve agricultural yields? During this field day we'll discuss pragmatic policies and practices that can make San Diego's most significant crops resilient enough to withstand the challenges of the future.  Hosted by Greater San Diego Resource Conservation District and the Pauma Band of Luiseno Indians.

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