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- Carbon Farming and Diversified Vegetables @ Solidarity Farm   Hosted by:  UC Cooperative Extension and Solidarity Farm

- Carbon Farm Vineyards @ Wilson Creek Winery   Hosted by: Mission Resource Conservation District

- Carbon Farming Avocados, Citrus and Orchards​ @ TBD   Hosted by:  Greater San Diego Resource Conservation District

- Indigenous Foodways and Climate Change @ Mata'Yuum/Indigenous Regeneration   Hosted by: Inter-Tribal Agriculture Council

All Field Days begin at Pauma Tribal Farms.  Pre-registration/tickets are required.

NOVEMBER 4TH:  5pm  OPENING at Pauma Tribal Farms

We'll set the stage for a successful next day with this TED-talk style opening evening.  Speakers from each delegation will present their perspectives on the questions:  How are we experiencing climate change now?  and....How do we leverage our individual and collective strength to take action in our food system?  

Advanced Tickets are required.  Delegate discounts and scholarships available.

NOVEMBER 5TH:  CONVERGENCE at Pauma Tribal Farms


Shuttles begin  7:30am


Oatmeal Bar, coffee, tea 8am

Welcome 830  Location:  Main Tent

Temet Aguilar, Chairman, Pauma Band of Luiseno/Yuima Indians

Rick Aguilar, Blessing


Keynote      The challenge before us: Loren BirdRattler


Delegation Meetings  915

What is carbon farming from our perspective, what does it mean for us?  What are our strengths and challenges?

Hands in the Earth Delegation   Location: Main Tent

           Presenter:  Ellee Igoe, Carbon Sink Demonstration Farm Practices

           Discussion: Facilitated by Gerardo Omar Marin


Knowledge to Share Delegation   Location: Kitchen Shelter

           Presenter:  Rebecca Frimmer, Kitchen Table Consultants

           Discussion:  Facilitated by Jake Torrens


Voices with Vision Delegation      Location: Upper Palapa 

           Presenter:  Sona Desai, San Diego Food System Alliance

           Discussion:  Facilitated by Natalie Nava


Movement Builders Delegation      Location:  Small Tent   

          Presenter:  Alex Warneke, Climate Science Alliance

          Discussion: Facilitated by TBD


Delegation Exchanges 1030am-1130pm   

          How can we work together?

          Hands in the Earth meets with Knowledge to Share  Facilitated by Gerardo Omar Marin   Location:  Main Tent

          Voices with Vision meets with Movement Builders  Faciliated by Natalie Nava     Location:  Small Tent 

Lunch  1130pm-1pm   Location:  Striped Tents/Fire Pits


Mexican Soulfood and Resource Exchange

(purchase lunch here) 

(you are welcome to bring your own lunch)

Site Tours and Delegation Exchanges 1pm to 315pm

1pm:    Hands in the Earth and Voices with Vision    Location:  Main Tent


             Knowledge to Share and Movement Builders   Location:  Small Tent


             Optional Site Tour   Location:  Meet at Kitchen Shelter

215pm:   Knowledge to Share and  Voices with Vision  Location: Small Tent

               Hands in the Earth and Movement Builders    Location: Main Tent

               Optional Site Tour   Location:  Meet at Kitchen Shelter

Indigenous Foodways w/ Chia Cafe 315pm    Location: Striped Tents/Fire Pit 

Snack Break featuring local indigenous ingredients

Fish Bowl Exchange 345pm  Location: Main Tent

A fish bowl is a facilitated dialog that invites spokespeople from participating interest groups to share what they heard throughout the day, make proposals for collective action, and determine feasible next steps.  They are the inside of the "fishbowl".  The rest of the participants are on the outside, observing and offering comments when appropriate.  It is an excellent way to achieve consensus with a large group in a short amount of time. 

Closing  4:45pm     Location: Main Tent  

Loren BirdRattler will summarize the day and help us gain a closing perspective on the importance of our work

Final words, Temet Aguilar, Pauma Tribral Chairman

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